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Simulation of different structures subjected to different loading conditions e.g. static, dynamic or cyclic loading CAE analysis and virtual validation of all design calculation

Fabrication of different assemblies based on customer ordersFabrication of tool and dies, Test rigs, and testing fixtures

 Design or redesign of mechanical components
Life prediction and reliability assessment of mechanical systems
We turn your ideas into reality

Our Projects

The best way to get to know our company is to explore the work we do for our clients and the ideas that inspire our team. View Case Study to see how our technical expertise applies across markets and service lines

canvas concrete fabrication Design a production line

canvas concrete fabrication

Design a production line and processing method for canvas concrete fabrication.
rain irrigation system

rain irrigation system

Design, fabrication and installation of rain irrigation system
Naval fender

Naval fender

Design and fabrication of naval fenders in different sizes and shapes.

Our Mission is to  bring a full package 

AMICI group bring a full package of mechanical engineering services to their customer with different aspects such as Education, problem-solving, consultant and design optimization. AMICI helps industries in different levels from initial design to CAE analysis, testing, and prototyping


we eat designing with dinner

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a good test can shine your way

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Computer-aided engineering

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This is our leadership

Executive manager, vice president
Dr.Eng. Ali Farokhi Nejad

Dr.Eng. Ali Farokhi Nejad

CAE analysis, Experimental test
optimization projects

CEO, president
Eng. hossein Vakili

Eng. hossein Vakili

Administrative manager

Testing Department & Manufacturing section
Dr.Eng. Farhad Najarian

Dr.Eng. Farhad Najarian

manufacturing science
Design CAD-CAM Projects


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