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Keep costs down, schedules tight, and demanding customers satisfied. Check, check, and check.

All of our resources e.g. computational, technological, machinery and a few decades of expertise served you to reduce the cost, accelerating the design process and have reliable simulation results for your business.

We Serve

Design  a power system component

We are able to design and fabricate the power plant components such as turbochargers, liner cylinders, huge pump impellers, gateways and etc…

Fatigue life prediction and root cause failure

we have done many projects to predict the endurance limit of power plant systems. we found the failure roots and redesign the system and have guaranteed to increase the system life.

System modelling

To control the overall behaviour of a power plant system we can develop a system engineering model based on the physical conditions of the plant. we can help to control monitoring the system before starting the machine.

Test rig design and implementation

AMICI is able to design and fabricate test rigs for evaluation of separate parts of the power system. We are also able to perform tests to give the test data for different parts under testing conditions.


WE bring a guideline to save your facilities and help you to overcome to shutdown your turbomachines.

Root cause analysis

In many projects, we found out the root cause of failure for a rotary system. We performed simulation and find the problem cause and redesign the system. in the proposed design we increased the life of system significantly.

Predictive model on harsh condition

We forecasting the severe condition and avoid the catastrophic failure of a huge system. We can save much money and financial resources before a disaster happens.


Financial saving by AMICI team

Based on our customer feedback in last decade we saved million dollars for them. Moreover, we saved many lives by using our predictive solutions.

For example, in 2017 we have evaluated a Dam under earthquake conditions. After a while, it happed there and based on our guidelines to control the situation, the dam and many people lives were saved.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.