AMICI team able to design chassis, structural analysis, powertrain design, engine design and crashworthiness. Our interest is in numerical simulation, CAD modelling and testing procedures. we have done many projects for different automotive companies in term of CFD, CAE, MBD.

we can evaluate the structural integrity of different oil and gas mechanisms that are facing fatigue, corrosion, vibrational or creep deformation. we can predict the life cycle of turbomachines in the oil and gas industries.

Recently we are providing the spare parts for natural gas tubine. We are designing vertical and horizontal wind turbine  and can evaluate the CFD and FSI effects on the wind structures.

AMICI has designed different features for film makes. we design and fabricated stationary photoshopping devices and robotic arms for filming autonomously. Our product can be used for advertising filming with several motion effects as well.

We are able to design and fabricate different mechanical parts in the avionic system. Also, we can fabricate different mechanisms in airports and luggage conoyers. We also can design FRP composite materials and implementing fabrication methods for aerospace companies.

AMICI designs and fabricating different parts and machines for medical operations. Our project mainly focused on diagnosis instruments and surgical tools.


Vertical expertise means nothing without vertical depth.


Our consultancy is With Fortune 58 Companies


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analysis of shock tower 6f1ce0cf-4b2e-4f7e-a96f-f9269e7bddee

analysis of shock tower

Ratcheting effect and root cause failure analysis of shock tower
manifold system 5c29f888-7a4d-4937-8aac-f65296152ac5

manifold system

Thermo mechanical analysis of manifold system
Naval equipments 546184fe-08a3-4753-81b8-bb2acd43cc06

Naval equipments

Fluid solid interaction analysis of naval equipments



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