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Software & Hi-Tech

Technology is only as good as the experience it enables.

Deliver exceptional end-to-end customer experiences while increasing the value of your products and services with technology transfer from AMICI. From leveraging analytic insights and unlocking operational improvements to solving complex service and support issues, we help leaders in technology drive adoption, increase loyalty, and deliver new sources of revenue.

We Serve

Aerospace companies

To produce advanced composite materials for different applications in the aerospace industry we design different structures. we have analysed the component and validate our model through the experimental tests.

MEMS and microelectronics

We evaluate many microelectronic devices for high tech companies. Thermomechanical analysis of CPU solder joint and TSV wafer packaging are the main activities of our jobs. in addition, we design piezoelectric materials and energy harvester components.

Special testing for high-temperature medium 

We have designed, fabricated and test a new creep testing machine for the special purpose of under elevated temperature and severe loading. this test is for a microturbine for a reactor that is not possible to take out the real data.


Application Services

A full range of services from application, testing and maintenance through deployment, upgrades and consulting.


Wide range of Hitech companies

Most of our projects focused on the high-tech application and statistics shows that we served our clients with full commitment and satisfaction. In all projects from Hitech companies, we have started our collaboration in the last decade and we are proud to serve them successfully so far.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.