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We transfer the technology to our customers based on their needs in terms of production, monitoring and maintenance and optimized design.

we perform FE analysis in many approaches such as modal dynamics, stress analysis thermal analysis …

We also perform CFD and FSI in different scales from nano to meso scales.

we design and carry out each mechanical test that you need…

Where all mechanical services merged

As a strong team we serve all mechanical services from design to final product in a single package.






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AMICI TEAM approaches

  • 1.  Design

    We provide a complete design loop from sketching to final drafts. We design in different levels from production drafts, 3D modelling for CAE analysis, assembly drafts, and testing drafts.

  • 2. Virtual Validation

    In different approach AMICI team is able to perform finite element analysis. in addition in fluid dynamics and FSI analysis we can perform complex simulation.

  • 3. Optimization 

    we are able to optimize the number of experiments to find the best design factors. Also, we are able to perform shape and topology optimization based on FE simulation. 

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.